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It can take a lot of time to clip your own coupons.  And of all the coupons in the weekly inserts, how many do you actually use and how many do you toss?  A coupon clipping service can be very helpful to save you the time it takes to cut out and sort all the coupons.  And it also lets you optimize the money you spend to get your coupons by only selecting the exact coupons you need.

When you use a coupon clipping service, you are paying for the time and expense of clipping and mailing the coupons.  You are not paying for the coupons themselves.  A thin distinction, perhaps, but if you need to save time and only get the coupons you need, a coupon clipping service could be for you.  It also can be handy if you are into stockpiling and need lots of the same coupon.  Some services offer whole coupon inserts where you do the clipping yourself.

We have rounded up and listed the best coupon clipping services available.  Since they operate in different parts of the country, and have access to different regional newspapers, the coupons they offer will differ.


Kuntry Klippers is located in Dayton, Ohio and offers individual clipped coupons.  There is a newsletter and a reward program for loyal customers. 15% off first order.


The Coupon Clippers  The Coupon Clippers offers more than a million national-brand individual coupons.  Based in Florida.


Coupon Dede'sCoupon Dede is based in Texas and has a minimum order of $3 and 5 coupons.


The Coupon Carry OutThe Coupon Carry-Out is from Ohio.  Customer loyalty program and gift certificates.


The Q Hunter has whole coupon inserts and individual coupons from the Cincinnati Enquirer.  A monthly subscription service is available.


Whole Coupon InsertsWhole Coupon Inserts is located in Florida.  As the name suggests, their specialty is inserts, no individual coupons.  No purchasing limits.